NCCP Level 2

NCCP Level 2 consists of three components: Theory, Technical and Practical

The THEORY (Competition Introduction Part B) component is a non-sport specific course and can therefore be taken through Badminton BC or Coaches BC. These courses relate detailed information on leadership, motivation, training and teaching methods, common to coaches in all sports.

TECHNICAL Courses, designed by Badminton Canada and offered by Badminton BC present the specific skills, drills tactics in a progressive, logical sequence.

The PRACTICAL component of the program consists of actual on-the-court coaching where the principles learned in Theory and Technical are applied by coaches working with their athletes. When a coach completes all three components of a level, that coach becomes formally certified.

Technical Course
Cost: $175
The level 2 technical course is approximately 21 hours and is usually conducted over the course of a Friday evening, Saturday and Sunday.

Coaches will be instructed on how to teach refinements to the basic components of the sport of badminton. Emphasis is on small-group instruction, the role of the coach and introduction to competitive strategies.

Please Note: Full Level 1 certicication is required before you can take Technical Level 2.

At the end of the course, the coach will be able to:
  • Understand the various methods of skill development through progressive drill development - from stationary position to multi shuttle drills.
  • To understand and use the new theories of skill development as changes occur to sports development. Competency based training is introduced covering four areas:
    1. Technical
    2. Tactical
    3. Physiological
    4. Psychological
  • Organize small groups and individuals for skill improvement and competitive practice sessions.
  • Use a wide variety of proper feeding techniques and approaches so that an individual athlete's needs are taken into consideration.
Theory Course
Cost: $125
The Introduction to Competition Part "B" (replaced Theory level 2 in April 2004) course is approximately 12 hours and is usually conducted over the course of a weekend (Saturday and Sunday)

Coaches will go over three modules that include: Design a Basic Sport Program, Teaching and Learning and Basic Mental Skills.

The Theory component can also be taken through the Coaches Association of BC.  It is available all year long and can be taken as a course or via Homestudy.  Please visit the Coaches BC Website for schedule and contact information.  (Please note: costs will vary.)

Cost: $50
Level 2 Practical is not a course, but a log of 40 coaching hours plus a one hour assessment by a certified Course Conductor.  Once you have completed your 40 hours, please contact your Technical Level 2 Course Conductor (or Badminton BC if he/she is not available) to schedule your one hour assessment. Payment must be made to Badminton BC prior to the one hour session with the Course Conductor.  (NCCP Practical Experience Form)