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Badminton BC is the provincial sport organization responsible for developing and promoting the sport of Badminton in the Province of British Columbia.   Badminton BC was formed in February 1925. Since then, the association has actively worked towards promoting the sport, providing continuity in the programs and services for its members, and competitive and development opportunities for players, coaches, officials and volunteers throughout the province. 

In partnership with Badminton Canada, we provide programs and services designed for the badminton enthusiast, competitive & recreational player, certified coach, and certified official. If you are a player, coach, or official wishing to take part in a Badminton BC tournaments, clinics, workshop, or camps, you must be a current member.

Badminton BC Player Membership Fee Structure & Badminton Canada Player Licenses

Effective June 1st, 2018.  Early renewals for each season begins in April and any fee changes taking in effect will be taken into consideration.  Each season is June 1st to May 31st.  Please review carefully before proceeding with membership registration or renewal as the default is set for the National membership category.

























Membership supports the association's efforts to promote and develop the sport of badminton in British Columbia and beyond. In value, here are just a few of the benefits you will receive:  

For a full list of membership benefits, visit the benefits overview!

The Badminton BC membership year is June 1  - May 31 annually. Badminton Canada player licences can also be purchased for the next season beginning at this time.

Club Membership








Badminton BC Membership Development Support Grant

The Membership Development Support Grant (MDSG) has been established to initiate, promote and support activities of individual badminton clubs in strengthening the Society; support membership development growth at clubs and with Badminton BC; reward clubs that are involved with membership in Badminton BC; and act as an incentive for future membership recruitment with Badminton BC.

See the list of  Membership Development Support Grant Recipients here.

Grant program under review 05/Jan/2018