Nestor and Paxton Lin are on TV tonight!

Nestor and Paxton Lin's badminton story will be on air on CTV news' Perry's Perspective tonight! Tune in between 6:30 and 7:00pm on Channel 9. Very excited for them!

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Watch today's badminton finals LIVE on TSN!

The LIVE badminton broadcast on TSN begins at 9:00am PST! Tune in here and cheer on our athletes. To watch the bronze medal matches (Qingzi's starts at 9:00am PST, and Joshua and Duncan are up next), watch the live feed on Canada Games TV!

Watch Team BC at the Canada Winter Games!

Draws are up for the individual and team events for the 2015 Canada Winter Games in Prince George. You can also watch the matches on a LIVE webcast, and catch the individual finals on February 25th live on TSN!

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Registration problems/Solutions

There has been a minor change to the way that you register for tournaments. Please select the tournament you wish to register for from the Badminton BC Website. This link will now take you to Badminton Canada Tournament Software. Previously you were directed to Tournament Software.

See below for the procedure for logging in.


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Abdul Shaikh inducted into Hall of Honour

Today, Abdul Shaikh was inducted into the Canada Games Hall of Honour for his contribution to the Canada Games movement.

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