Sport Development Updates

Sport Development Update - March 7, 2012

March 7, 2012

Just wanted to let you all know where I'm at as VP Sport Development.  I have met with Phil on a couple of occasions, participated in an Executive Meeting, worked on the process, procedures and communication for BC Winter Games, initiated a pilot project for a Results Committee and working now with the rest of the Executive on a Strategic Plan for BBC's present status and future goals.

One of the things that keeps surfacing is the need to bring back recognition - for athletes, coaches, volunteers, etc.  In past years there was a committee that looked after this but those volunteers have sinced moved on - many years ago.  Normally there would be formal banquet that is hosted in Vancouver where anyone can attend, buy a ticket and enjoy an evening amongst each other recognizing the outstanding athletes, coaches, volunteers, etc. in the province.

We have come to the conclusion though that organizing an event as described would not work for this year due to how close we are to the end of the fiscal year.  Geographical location & scheduling are also an issue.  We have started to work on re-creating the committee by searching out potential volunteers with the intention of doing something bigger for next year.   

I however suggested that we could RESURRECT recognition in a different way this year to at least generate something positive & exciting for year end by doing it by ZONE.

Stay tuned for more developments regarding this from Sport Development and your Zone Directors.


Lisa Davison
VP Sport Development, Badminton BC