NCCP Level 1

NCCP Level 1 consists of three components: Theory, Technical and Practical 

The THEORY (Competition Introduction Part A) component is a non-sport specific course and can therefore be taken either through Coaches BC or Badminton BC.

Please Note: to receive full certification for Competition Introduction Part "A" you will need to go through an online evaluation of the Make Ethical Decisions module.  You will receive 'Trained' status for taking the course and 'Certified' status for taking the course and successfully completing the online evaluation.  Please click the icon below to complete the online evaluation.


CABC Making Ethical Evaluations


Cost: $125 (Note: cost may vary)


The TECHNICAL course, designed by Badminton Canada and offered by Badminton BC, presents the specific skills, drills, tactics for a Level 1 coach in a progressive and logical sequence. The Technical course is delivered over approximately 16 hours and usually occurs in one weekend, however scheduling of courses can be modified to fit participant’s needs and course conductor’s availability.  Please click here to see an example of the Level 1 course outline.

Cost: $150 (Note: cost may vary)

Registration is now open for the 2014 NCCP Technical Level 1 Badminton Coaching Course in Richmond.


The PRACTICAL component of the program consists of actual on-the-court coaching where the principles learned in the Theory and Technical courses are applied by coaches working with their athletes. Because this is an application of the skills learned in the Theory and Technical courses, the 20 hours logged must commence following the successful completion of both courses. Please click here to view the practical experience form that must be submitted to Badminton BC following completion of the 20 hour requirement.

Cost: No Charge


When a coach completes all three components of a level, that coach becomes formally certified.