Program Description

Please be aware that Badminton BC has posts event details as a general communication of badminton activities to our members.  Be advised that only events that promote Badminton BC Membership can be part of a Badminton BC sanctioned program or circuit.  For events that are not part of a Badminton BC sanctioned program or circuit, the end service provided to participants is at the sole discretion of the event provider and some or all of your Badminton BC member benefits may not be available. Event Calendar.


Provincial Ranking and Seeding Procedures

Badminton BC currently calculates Provincial Rankings for Junior, Senior, and Masters Circuits. In the case of the Junior and Senior Circuits, Badminton BC provides seedings derived in part from the associated Provincial Ranking to event hosts (Masters seedings are prepared by individual event hosts).  The following is a description of each Ranking/Seeding Process.


Provincial and National Championship Eligibility Criteria

The following eligibility criteria were created in consultation with the Badminton BC Competitions Committee and the Badminton BC Performance Committee.  The intent of the criteria is to:

  • Align with a National interest to qualify entries into National Championships.
  • Encourage participation in Provincial Circuit events to strengthen the competitive development pathways for all athletes in British Columbia.

If you are a player or coach with further questions or concerns regarding Provincial or National Championship eligibility, or to submit an exemption request please contact