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Badminton BC: Nurturing Excellence, Fostering Community, and Inspiring Active Lifestyles Across British Columbia

In the heart of British Columbia, a non-profit sport organization stands as a beacon for badminton enthusiasts and aspiring athletes alike. Badminton BC, established in February 1925, has been a pillar of support, leadership, and development for the sport in the province. As a registered non-profit society under the Societies Act of British Columbia, Badminton BC has dedicated itself to promoting, developing, and delivering badminton programs across all eight zones of the province.


Vision: Leading BC to Excellence and British Columbians to be Active for Life

The vision of Badminton BC transcends the confines of the sport itself. It aspires to lead British Columbia to excellence on the badminton court while simultaneously encouraging every British Columbian to adopt an active lifestyle. In a world where physical activity is paramount for holistic well-being, Badminton BC envisions a province where the shuttlecock is not just a piece of sports equipment but a catalyst for an active and healthy community.


Mission: Clear Leadership, Developmental Advancement, and Province-Wide Impact

Badminton BC's mission is multifaceted and comprehensive. The organization pledges to provide clear leadership, serving as a guiding force for the sport's developmental advancement. This leadership spans across all developmental levels on a province-wide scale, addressing crucial organizational issues such as revenue stability, increased participation, and enhanced awareness of Badminton BC's vital role. The commitment to addressing these issues reflects the organization's dedication to fostering a sustainable and impactful badminton community.


Values: Foundations of Integrity, Respect, and Open Communication

At the core of Badminton BC's operations are values that define its character and interactions. Open communication, honesty, integrity, transparency, respectfulness, and equitable interactions serve as the organization's guiding principles. These values not only reflect the ethical foundation on which Badminton BC stands but also shape its relationships with members, partners, and the broader community.


Mandate: Developing, Promoting, and Delivering Badminton Programs Across BC

Badminton BC's mandate encapsulates a commitment to the development, promotion, and delivery of badminton programs throughout the province. The organization recognizes the power of structured programs in nurturing talent, promoting inclusivity, and instilling a love for the sport. By actively engaging with communities across BC, Badminton BC seeks to make badminton accessible and enjoyable for individuals of all ages and backgrounds.


The 2021-2024 Strategic Plan: A Blueprint for Success and Growth

Badminton BC's strategic plan for the years 2021-2024 serves as a blueprint for success and growth. With a focus on leadership, development, and awareness, the plan outlines key initiatives to propel the organization forward. It underscores the importance of collaboration, innovation, and adaptability in the ever-evolving landscape of sports management.

Organizational Structure: A Cohesive Team Driving Excellence

The Badminton BC Organizational Chart illustrates a cohesive team of dedicated individuals working towards a common goal—excellence in badminton. From elected volunteer Board of Directors to various committees, the organizational structure ensures that every aspect of the sport's governance and development is meticulously addressed. This collaborative approach strengthens Badminton BC's ability to lead and inspire.

Constitution and Bylaws: Upholding Standards for a Fair and Inclusive Community

The Constitution and Bylaws of Badminton BC, last updated in September 2019, serve as the foundation for fair and inclusive governance. By upholding these standards, Badminton BC ensures that its operations are transparent, accountable, and aligned with the best interests of its members. This commitment to governance excellence reinforces the organization's credibility and trustworthiness.

Society Background: A Rich Legacy of Leadership and Service

Badminton BC's rich legacy spans nearly a century, marked by unwavering dedication to leadership and service. Since its formation in 1925, the association has played a pivotal role in organizing badminton play in the province. Through continuity in programs and services, competitive opportunities, and support for players, coaches, officials, and volunteers, Badminton BC has become a cornerstone of the badminton community in British Columbia.

In conclusion, Badminton BC stands as more than just a sport organization; it is a driving force behind the development of badminton and the promotion of active lifestyles across British Columbia. With a vision that reaches beyond the boundaries of the court, a mission grounded in leadership and development, and a commitment to values that shape its interactions, Badminton BC is poised to lead the province to excellence and inspire a generation of active and engaged individuals. As the shuttlecock soars through the air, Badminton BC continues to soar towards new heights of success and impact in the communities it serves.


Board of Directors and Standing Committees

A volunteer Board of Directors governs Badminton BC. They meet at least two times per year, including the Annual General Meeting. The Board of Directors performs the financial management, planning and decision-making for the Association through their managment of the various standing committees.

Staff and Office

Badminton BC currently employs one full-time staff to manage the day to day operations and programming of the Society.

Operational Committees & Working Group Committees

JUDICIAL COMMITTEE  (Ad hoc when needed)                                

Henry Wong
other members TBA


Raymond Wong (Chair)

Hellena Park
Frank Price
Donn Aven



Donn Aven (Chair)
Ayaz Amlani
Mike Kupr


Michael Khoo (Chair)
Wayne Dalin
Clara Wai
Marian Holoboff