I want to start coaching badminton in BC, what do I do?

Please refer to BBC Website, Click Here


When are the next coaching courses being offered by Badminton BC?

Please refer to BBC Website, Click Here


What is the NCCP?

National Coaching Certification Program is run by the Canada Association of Coaches to administer the certification of coaches in Canada.  For more information please visit their site directly (CLICK HERE). Badminton Canada coaching standards overlap with this program, as do subsequent Badminton BC coaching standards.


What are the coaching streams or pathways?

  1. Shuttletime
    1. Non-Competitive, Recreational Coaching
  2. Competition Introduction Regional
    1. Competitive Coaching
    2. Comparable (but not equivalent) to old Level 1
  3. Competition Introduction Provincial
    1. Competitive Coaching
    2. Comparable (but not equivalent) to old Level 2
  4. Competition Development
    • High Performance Coaching
    • Comparable (but not equivalent) to old Level 3&4


I am interested in doing some coach courses.  Where can I sign up?

Badminton BC delivers three coach development courses:  ShuttleTime, Regional Module 3, and Provincial Module 5.  All other courses are delivered by third parties.  Typically, all three courses are run in late August and early Sept each year, and then again in January each year.  Otherwise, they are delivered on as-needed basis depending on the amount of interest from potential attendees.  If you are interested in attending a BBC coach development course, please fill out the following short online form (CLICK HERE) so we know you are interested and in what.  When we confirm new course dates, we always send first notification to those who have completed this form so they get into the course first.


Is there an age requirement?

As of August 5th, 2015, coaches must be 14 to obtain an NCCP account number.  Coaches must be 16 to be evaluated and “Certified” in any pathway.  Between 14 and 16, coaches can participate in development courses, they just cannot be Evaluated until they are 16.


How do I verify the credentials of a coach?

Go to the CAC Public Transcript page: CAC Public Transcript (CLICK HERE).  Enter the coaches NCCP# and last name.  Read the provided transcript.  It is recommended that parents and school teams to check on your coaches’ qualifications prior to hiring them to ensure that they have met the basic standards of coaching. For organizations such as school boards, community centers, and clubs, you can easily check a coach's certification by going to their public transcript. 

At sanctioned events, Umpires and Referees will have an official list of Accredited Coaches including their qualifications and event eligibilities.  Badges are recommended worn by  Coaches at all sanctioned events.


How can I see my own coaching qualifications & credentials?

To see your NCCP transcript go to The Locker and log in or create an account with your NCCP number.


What is my NCCP number?  I know I have one, but I don’t know what it is..

  • Go to The Locker (CLICK HERE)
  • Click "Lookup my NCCP#"
  • Enter the email you used to sign up for your first workshop
  • If you have never taken an NCCP workshop, simply create an account.


I have completed certification for coaching under the older “Levels” system, what does that mean for my credentials under the new “Competition Introduction” system?

Everything you have completed in the NCCP prior to 26-Aug-2016 will remain on your transcript and your past certification have been credited and transferred into the new system. Some courses required in new system were NOT covered in the comparative Pre-2016 system – ALERT, please make sure you confirm your continued certification status in your Locker account.  You will be required to do professional development (PD) to maintain your certification.  Information about PD can be found below.


I have foreign credentials and seek NCCP equivalency – what do I do?

These situations are dealt on case by case basis.  Applicants would submit their request, including indication of the NCCP equivalency sought, to technicalprograms@badmintonbc.com for follow-up.  Typically, we would have the coach complete the steps for Getting Started as Coach in BC, and request all documentation of existing foreign credentials for which the coach seeks equivalency.  This information is provided to an experience senior coach developer for review.  They make their recommendation to Badminton Canada and Badminton Canada then makes a decision on what (if anything) the coach needs to do to get the Canadian coaching equivalency they seek.