Employment Opportunities

Badminton BC was formed in February 1925 and ultimately organized the play of badminton in the province of British Columbia. Since then, the association has actively worked towards providing leadership and direction for the sport, continuity in the programs and services for its members, and competitive and development opportunities for players, coaches, officials, and volunteers throughout the province. Badminton BC is a registered non-profit society incorporated under the Societies Act of British Columbia. As the provincial sport governing body, Badminton BC is managed by an elected volunteer Board of Directors.

These roles are being offered with flexible working hours at your own remote location. We have a preference for locations within the Lower Mainland due to events and membership coordination.

Leading BC to excellence and British Columbians to be active for life.

Badminton BC will provide clear leadership and assist and support the developmental advancement of the sport. Our leadership will span all developmental levels on a province-wide scale, addressing vital organizational issues including revenue stability, increased participation, and stronger overall awareness of the role of Badminton BC.

Open Communication, Honesty, Integrity, Transparency, Respectfulness, Equitable Interactions.

Develop, promote and deliver Badminton programs within BC.



Role Description – Event Coordinator

Engagement Type: Contract, Part-Time
Remuneration: Monthly
Requirement: Able to work some event weekends providing support to event venues and participants
Requirement: Drivers license and own transportation (car)

General Duties and Responsibilities

  • The duties and responsibilities of an Event Coordinator include planning and managing events of varying sizes and purposes. Coordinators must understand what it takes to successfully deliver an event, including logistics, budgets, and execution.
  • Establish and maintain relationships with vendors and venues
  • Planning event details, including seating, dining, and guests
  • Creating event related financial reports, ensuring events are on budget, and supporting timely payment collection
  • Addressing problems that may arise throughout the event cycle; including proactive planning for potential scenarios that could impact the integrity of the event
  • Maintaining a working knowledge of the complex needs of a wide variety of events

Event Management

  • Prepare and send out the Competition Planning Calendar for the season
  • Coordinate with Badminton Canada’s tournament calendar
  • Review tournament listings prior to the season with Competition Committee and communicate with the hosting venue
  • Prepare MOU and TR and send them out to the various hosts
  • Discuss and coordinate with Thushan to set up the TP file
  • Promote the tournament on website, mass emails and social media
  • Manage the website on all the sections related to Events
  • Monitor the numbers of entries and coordinate with Member Services Coordinator for any members related questions
  • Look after all the financial aspects of the events – billing, payment, refunds, budget with help of accounting
  • Manage the tournament PayPal account
  • Coordinate other projects assigned by Executive Director (for example, BC Winter Games)
  • Coordinate and Schedule Board Meetings & AGM related activities
  • Work with local tournament hosts to ensure different try-it events are being held and provided
  • Work with local grants and events funds to ensure all monies are being provided for events (New players - Recreational, Juniors, Elite, High performance and Masters Events)
  • Events coordination for Fundraiser Events
  • Work with local school boards for each city within the province to create programs for badminton players (recreational and Shuttle Time programs

      o Contract with our affiliated clubs to deliver programs and bridge connections

      o Ensure to check Insurance Policy

Competition Committee

  • Coordinate with the Competition Committee Chair to prepare agenda for the Competition Committee
  • Prepare the zoom links and all the documents for the meeting and send them out accordingly
  • Attend the Competition Committee meetings and responsible for the minutess
  • Present and discuss all the tournaments and events at the meeting
  • Prepare and send out minutes of meeting and follow up

Other Duties

  • Manage info@badminton.com email account (and triage email inquiries to teams and committees)
  • Manage software licenses related to the events
  • Work with Board Directors and Badminton BC staff on any changes in policy/price of the next season, and adjust MOU/TR templates accordingly
  • Maintain the filing system for all documents that are related to Events
  • Liaison with Technical Programs Director with organizing courses and events
  • Recruit Club Members
  • Create a Recreational C series to welcome all players to join Fun Tournament
  • Community lead for Badminton Competitive Gaming, driving the direct-to-player multi-channel
  • communications strategy
  • Grow the community and maintain a tight two-way dialogue between BBC and Players and Clubs
  • Assist with communications around game and competitive events
  • Build close relationships between BBC and top brand ambassadors and players
  • Plan and help schedule community activities and influencer events, both in-game and out of game.
  • Conduct surveys, research, and feedback from the community on issues impacting the experience.
  • Multi-sports games MOU contact and creation

      o BC Winter Games
      o Canadian Francophone Games
      o 55+ Games
      o NAIG / ISPARC

  • Ensure all Badminton Canada and Badminton BC standards, policies, and processes are observed and followed.
  • Provide Community reports on channel metrics, player feedback, game issues, or service risks.
  • Maintain a positive community reputation.
  • Find and secure sponsorships (members benefits discounts or Cash Donations BBC builders Program)
  • Create and coordinate officials and coaches’ course