Canada Winter Games

Dog Pile on Alvin Lau After the Badminton Team Wins Gold!At the Team BC first week pep rally, Flagbearer Alvin Lau (Vancouver) predicted badminton would win the team gold (not achieved by BC since the 1971 Canada Winter Games) and today, he delivered. In the crucial 5th and deciding match, Lau and fellow teammate and flagbearer Tobias Ng (Vancouver) defeated Quebec 21-11, 21-16.


"This feels awesome," said Lau after the match. "I could jump off a cliff right now and fly!" 

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2007 CWG Team
Team BC's Badminton team took the first medals of the Canada Winter Games and did they ever do it in style!   In Mixed Doubles, the badminton team took all three medals.  Toby Ng and Melody Liang defeated Alvin Lau and Charmagne Yeung for Gold and Silver respectively and Timothy Ma and Phyllis Chan defeated Alberta (Justin Mullaly and Caroline Chee) to take the Bronze medal.  Great job guys! Photos at the CWG  

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At the end of November 2006 a total of five men and five women will be named by the Selection Committee to represent British Columbia at the 2007 Canada Winter Games in Whitehorse, Yukon.  Additional male and female athletes will be named as spares in the event one of the selected athletes cannot compete.

All Canada Winter Games projects will be on a cost-sharing basis between the BC Government, Badminton BC and the athlete. Each project will operate within an established budget.  Athletes will be notified of their individual cost prior to publishing the team selection.

Listed below is the necessary information and selection criteria that applies to you:


a)       2 males and 2 females: Under 23 years born in 1984 or after

b)      3 males and 3 females: Under 21 years born in 1986 or after

2.      Eligibility

a)         Athletes excluded from 2007 Canada Winter Games include (pending approval by Canada Games Council):

                                                  I.      Athletes that have held C or Senior International (SR Intl) or Senior (SR) senior cards (as defined by Sport Canada’s Athlete Assistance Program) at any time;

                                               II.      Athletes that have been National Senior Team members (as defined by Badminton Canada and approved by the Canada Games Council) at any time;     

                                             III.      Athletes that competed for any nation at any Thomas Cup, Uber Cup, Pan American Games, Commonwealth Games, Olympic Games or Senior World Championships.  

b)         All athletes must be in good standing with Badminton BC

c)          All athletes must be full members with Badminton BC

d)         All selected athletes must sign the Provincial Team Agreement 7 days after being named to the team.

3.      Team Selection Criteria

a)      Selection will be based on each player's best three tournament results (from the four listed below).   As this is a team event, preference will be given to a player who participates in two or more events over a player that plays only one event.

b)      Tournament                                                        Date                         Category

1. VRC Summer Invitational, Vancouver Aug 18-22        B

2. U21/U23 Closed, Vancouver (HCC)     Sept 22-24      A

3. Kelowna Open, Kelowna                                      Oct 27-29                    B

4. Jack Underhill, Vancouver                                   Nov 3-5                        A

c)       All Athletes must play in the U21/U23 Closed and two additional tournaments.

                NOTE:     ALL Players MUST play with a partner who is eligible for the games for their points to count.  If you play with someone who is NOT eligible for the games, you will get zero points towards qualification.




All players must have played and won a match to earn points.

Results from consolation events will be taken into consideration.

d)      Points will be awarded by tournament category as follows:

























e)       In the event of a tie, the selection process will include the following tie-breaking  procedure:

1.       Head to Head results from U-23 Closed.

2.       Games won/loss from quarterfinals onward from U-23 Closed.

3.       Points won/loss from quarterfinals onward from U-23 Closed.

4.       Playoff (Full match), if applicable.

f)        If a tie is not broken as a result of the above process, the Coaching Staff and the Vice President – High Performance will make the final decision.

4.      TEAM SIZE

Based on the eligibility and criteria listed in points 1, 2 and 3, four males and four females will be selected to the 2007 CWG BC Badminton Team(2 Male & 2 Female U23 – 2 Male & 2 Female U21). One additional U21 male and one additional U21 female will be added to the team at the selection committee’s discretion.


The Selection Committee has the discretion and authority to make the final decision of the team membership.


Composition of the Selection Committee

The committee includes:

Badminton BC, Executive Director (no vote)

Badminton BC, Vice President – High Performance

Badminton BC, Vice President – Sport Development

Canada Games Coaching staff

The final team will be announced by the VP High Performance, in November 2006 following the Jack Underhill tournament.

5.      Appeal Process

In the event a player wishes to appeal, he or she must put their appeal in writing, outlining the reasons for the appeal, and submit it to Badminton BC no later than five days after the team selection.

6.      Weekly Training

The Canada Winter Games team members are required to train as a group commencing mid-November 2006 onwards, at least once a week.   Location and date of the training is to be announced. This training is mandatory except for athletes living outside the lower mainland.

7.      Training Camp/COMPETITION

A camp will be scheduled in December along with possible in province & out of province match play opportunities.   All selected athletes MUST attend the camp & the scheduled matches.  The coaching staff will then have an opportunity to work with the athletes.  Details to be announced.

8.             SUMMER TRAINING

There will be a 10 week summer training program designed for all eligible athletes.  Check with Badminton BC or your coach for details.   Note: Up-keep of a training diary is strongly recommended for each athlete.