Pathway: Regional Umpire

Steps to Pathway Certification

  1. Take the Regional Umpire Course (~4 Hours) offered by Badminton BC
    1. Express interest in this course by completing online form:
    2. BBC will follow up directly when there are enough expressions of interest to warrant delivery of a course.
    3. Upon completion of the course, your status is In-Training for this pathway.
  2. Officiate 20 Doubles matches, including 5 of which are with 2-4 Line Judges, at sanctioned BC events for a total of 20 matches officiated.
    1. Alternatively, if only officiating at the club level, officiate 20 Doubles matches and 10 Singles matches (for a total of 30 matches)
    2. When you are done officiating a match, record it into your BBC Logbook.  Once you have completed all your matches for the day get the tournament referee to sign off to confirm that you have done those matches.
    3. Upon completion of the required experience, your status is Trained.
  3. Submit a Record of Work to Badminton BC (ex. Experience Logbook) when ready for evaluation or at season-end, whichever comes first, by sending a scan pdf of the logbook to:
  4. Request an Evaluation from Badminton BC by sending email to:
  5. Pass the Evaluation and Debrief with Evaluator
    1. Required: Single Evaluation at BC sanctioned tournament
    2. Upon completion of the Evaluation your status is Certified for this pathway.