Getting Started as a Technical Official

I want to be a badminton umpire/referee in BC – what do I do?


Step 1:  Basic Setup

  • Get a Badminton BC Officials Membership (CLICK HERE)
    • Membership is renewed annually and runs from June 1st – May 31st


Step 2:  Obtain Training for “Local Umpire” pathway to get started

  • Register for Upcoming Course with BBC (CLICK HERE)


Step 3:  Submit the following documentation to BBC ( to be placed in your Technical Official Portfolio Folder:

  • Headshot Photo
  • Criminal Record Check  (less than 3 years old)


Step 4:  Obtain TO Uniform & Equipment

  • Send email request to to order from BBC
    • Official Polo Shirt / Referee Polo Shirt
    • BBC Clip Board, BBC Watch
    • Color Cards & Wallet, Coin, Pens, Measuring Tape, Scoresheet


Step 5:  Connect with BBC ( to get listed and assigned to sanctioned events for experience so you can plan to complete the next development course, Regional Umpire.


Step 6:  Maintain a record of your officiating experience in your personal BBC Logbook and submit pdf scan of logbook contents when ready for evaluation or at end of the season, whichever comes first.