Where can I find the schedule of Badminton BC tournaments? 

The schedule of Badminton BC tournaments can be found at Event Calendar. Please note by default the schedule lists all events, and a filter can be used to find the category you prefer, i.e. BC Junior A series, BC Masters series, BC Provincial Championships, etc.  

How can I register a tournament? 

On Badminton BC event calendar, each event has its details. For Badminton BC tournaments, a registration website link will be posted for it approximately 4-5 weeks before (or earlier). Here is the example of 2022 Hollyburn Junior B

Why I cannot register U15 events and I am only 13 years old and turning 14 in November? 

Badminton competition season is similar to the school year,  and across two calendar years. So the age group eligibility is established for the purpose of attending either provincial or national championships, which are all hosted in the second calendar year of the season. That means, a player has to be under the age limit for the second calendar year when provincial or national championships are held. For example, in the 2023-2024 season, for tournaments, you cannot register U15 as you are turning 15 in November 2024. Please refer to Age Group and Membership Eligibility for details.

Why I registered and paid successfully but my name is not listed under players tab on tournament website? 

The Registration data is not synced to tournament website in real time. It is usually updated daily by midnight. If you don't find your entries after a few days, then contact info@badmintonbc.com. 

What should I if I paid successfully with PayPal confirmation but it shows 'Not Paid' on Badminton Canada portal? 

Please don't pay again, instead contact Badminton BC at info@badmintonbc.com with the PayPal transaction ID. Usually, it is a sync issue between PayPal and tournament registration software. Badminton BC can manually accept the payment and allow the entries. For those who have made duplicate payments, Badminton BC will issue refunds after the tournament.