Announcement from the President of Badminton BC

Following the 2017 Annual General Meeting, the Badminton BC Board recommitted to optimizing the operations of the association in an effort to facilitate a more effective and efficient approach to the execution of the 2017-2020 Strategic Plan.  A broad and challenging objective for the Board considering its current fiscal realities. 

In reaching this decision, Badminton BC will say good bye to Executive Director, Penny Gardner whose leadership, experience, caring, and influence were instrumental in activating number of activities in an effort to turn things around.   The Board extends our best wishes to Penny for the future and our gratitude for the many contributions and professionalism during her tenure.

Since coming to this decision, the Board launched an executive search and identified Nancy Thompson as the new Executive Director. However, due to personal reasons, Nancy will be unable to assume the role. Her last day with the organization was May 31, 2018.

Effective June 1, 2018, the Board has appointed Director-at-Large, Daisy Lee, to the position of Interim Executive Director until such time the organization becomes financially stable and a permanent Executive Director is recruited. Daisy Lee is known in the BC masters community where she has been a long-time active player.  She is familiar with the not for profit environment having served on the Badminton BC board of nearly 3 years making many key contributions and decisions. We have enlisted her assistance to continue the turnaround work.

Moving forward, Badminton BC will work tirelessly in its pursuit of a more diversified revenue generation plan with a focus on increased donations and sponsorships for key programs such as competitions and the Excellence program in an effort to financially secure the organization for the future.

Although many challenges still lie ahead, the Board wishes to celebrate the accomplishments of Badminton BC’s strategic priorities since 2014.

Although many challenges still lie ahead, the Board wishes to celebrate the accomplishments of Badminton BC’s strategic priorities since 2014:

Player Development Pathway

  • Renewal of a provincial schools program featuring Shuttle Time Canada structure and content and positioning badminton as the sport of choice in schools committed to physical literacy standards and daily quality sport activity

  • Implementation of performance services and testing standards, and integrating the beginnings of a podium pathway into the Excellence (high performance) program supporting performance development, team preparation and performance results since 2015: a fourth place finish at the 2015 Canada Winter Games, gold medal finish at the 2015 Western Canada Summer Games and podium finishes at the  Western Canadian Team Championships in 2015

  • Met criteria for renewal as a BC Winter Games ‘core sport’ for the benefit of junior players, and developing technical officials and coaches in 2014, 2016 and 2018.

Technical Development Pathway

  • Implementation of the NCCP program following development of a new competency based platform better supporting quality coaching and a defined pathway for instructors and coaches.

  • Renewal of the Provincial Officials Development program  as a strategic priority leading to a defined pathway, redeveloped education content and systematic approach to preparing dedicated individuals for advancement to the national program and improving safety and fair play standards in all circuit and championship events.

Organization Sustainability

  • Collaborated with and volunteer stakeholders to develop a new membership model and fee structure including the return of club membership and renewing Badminton BC purpose as a club based organization supporting annual membership growth by 7% since 2016

  • The implementation of the Badminton Canada National Players Database and improved member services.

  • Renewal of an improved communication plan engaging a more robust social media presence while positioning affordable improvements in a first generation website platform, and featuring a series of e-newsletters designed specifically for the various membership segments that make up Badminton BC

  • Development of shared service model, implementing partnerships with a number of member clubs building capacity and expertise in clubs and enhancing sustainability while maintaining core programming commitments

  • Development of a strategic hosting strategy and improved standards of event delivery leveraging events and event hosting as a significant asset of the organization and better prepared to attract sponsorship and hosting partnership.  Notable events are the 2016 Americas Masters Games, development of a provincial Junior B regional circuit and Provincial Championship, and the 2018 Yonex Canadian Masters Championship attracting close to 600 players to Vancouver, training 9 new technical officials and nearly 100 volunteers.

Henry Wong,
Badminton BC

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