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Badminton BC's 2020 Annual General Meeting

2020 Annual General Meeting | Zoom | Saturday, Sep 26th, 2020


The 2020 Annual General Meeting (AGM) will be held Saturday, September 26th, 2020 at 3:00 PM. Due to the COVID-19 Pandemic, this year's AGM will be held online via a Zoom virtual meeting. All current and eligible voting members of Badminton BC are invited and encouraged to attend Badminton BC's annual business meeting.

Registration has already begun via a Google Calendar and Zoom invite to all members with active memberships. To facilitate the onlien meeting and avoid unnecessary delays, we request that members intending to attend the AGM via Zoom RSVP in advance by September 23rd, 2020.

Official 10 Day Notice of the Badminton BC 2020 Annual General Meeting 


Registration to attend the AGM is now open. To facilitate the online meeting and avoid
unnecessary delays on September 26, we request that Members intending to attend the AGM
via Zoom RSVP in advance by September 23, 2020. Members in good standing will receive a
calendar invitation for the AGM via email which will contain a link to RSVP.




AGENDA - 2020 Annual General Meeting – Saturday, September 26, 2020
1. Call to Order
2. Confirmation of Quorum & Voting Rules
3. President’s welcome address
4. Adoption of Agenda
5. Approval of Minutes of 2019 AGM
6. President’s Report
7. Executive Director’s Report
8. Treasurer’s Report
9. Committee Reports
10. Appointment of Auditor
11. Approval of the budget
12. Approval of the 2020-2024 Strategic Plan
13. Election of Directors
14. 2021 AGM Date – Saturday, September 18, 2021
15. Adjournment

2020-2021 SLATE OF NOMINATIONS to the Badminton BC Board of Directors

The Slate of Nominations as Directors is as follows:

Mid-term (Serving) Directors (in accordance with Bylaw 4.10)
• Gwennie Siu
• Henry Wong

Appointed Directors
• Hellena Park
• Rodney Scollard

Nominated Director
• Suzanne Hrynyk


Nominees’ Background

Gwennie Siu – Mid-term (Serving) Director (Vancouver, BC)

Gwennie Siu is a Chartered Professional Accountant since 2011 and is in mid-term of her current term of
service. She is a Senior Manager in a reputable accounting firm in the city, and has over 10 years of
experience in auditing, accounting and taxation. In her free time, she enjoys spending quality time with
her friends and family and playing piano. She also enjoys playing sports leisurely.

Henry Wong – Mid-term (Serving) Director (Richmond, BC)

Henry Wong has been the President of the Board of Badminton BC since October 2017 and is in mid-term
of his current term of service.

Henry is an active badminton player, NCCP certified coach and Badminton BC accredited umpire. He is
also the past President of the Westlu Badminton Club, a not-for-profit BC registered society based in
Richmond. Henry also served in the organising committee of the 2016 Americas Masters Games and the
2018 Canadian National Masters Championships.

Hellena Park (Vancouver, BC)

Hellena was appointed as a Director in May of 2020. Hellena has been involved in badminton since the
age of 13. She started off as a competitive junior player in Alberta and has remained an active competitive
recreational player. The sport has for the most part, played a significant role in her life and this is no more
evident than now. Currently, Hellena has a son who also competes and trains in the sport. As a result, her
involvement in the sport has expanded. In 2016, she and other badminton parents formed a badminton
parents committee with Hellena being the president. The primary purpose of this committee was to raise
funds for the young players to offset the costly badminton expense. She remained as president until 2018.
Since then, she moved to Vancouver and has continued to be active as both a player and supporter.

Rodney Scollard (Whistler, BC)

Rodney was appointed as a Director in March of 2020. Rodney currently is a lawyer with WorkSafeBC
after having practiced several years as a civil litigator, and has vast experience in regulatory and policy
matters. He previously worked for over a decade as an engineer in the food and beverage, and pulp and
paper industries. In his spare time, he enjoys a multitude of sports and outdoor pursuits, having played
competitive sport, including semi-professional and varsity soccer when he was younger. He has played
badminton since his youth and continues to play recreationally today on a regular basis at local clubs.

Suzanne Hrynyk, RN, BAADV., MHSC (New Westminster, BC)

Suzanne brings over 8 years of Board experience both as an elected and appointed member in healthcare
and education in Manitoba. Suzanne has experience with policy review and consultation, fiduciary
responsibilities, and member representation. She is employed by the British Columbia Nurses Union as a
Labour Relations Officer and has her Masters in Health Services and most recently, a certificate in
Occupational Health Nursing. Suzanne believes in collaboration, consultation, and transparency. She
moved to BC in 2017 and is a firm believer in lifelong sport and recreation. Suzanne looks forward to
working with the members of Badminton BC to build on the current strengths of the organization.
Suzanne asks for your support.

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