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Keith Anton (1954-2020) grew up in Southey Saskatchewan, raised by his loving adoptive parents, surrounded by Aunts, Uncles’, and cousins. He spent his summers as a boy working on his Uncles' farm with his cousins. His youth was also spent playing a multitude of sports, but seeing success in tennis and badminton, enjoyed years of competition at a provincial and national level. Keith’s love of badminton became clear when at the age of 16, a local Saskatchewan newspaper deemed him a “prodigy” – Keith went on to win a variety of provincial titles.

Armed with a degree in Kinesiology, Keith moved to Victoria BC in 1990 where he coached at the Victoria Racquets club and took on a teaching role at the University of Victoria. Keith enjoyed years of teaching first and second year Kinesiology at the University, but his heart was in teaching first and fourth year PE courses – Basic and Advanced badminton. He found joy in mentoring these up and coming teachers.

After spending years coaching at the Racquets Club, Keith moved on to spend the remainder of his career at the Cordova Bay Hall, running full time badminton programs for all ages. Keith developed a program that invited children at the grassroots level, recreational players, and provincial and national level players to participate in a sport that he genuinely loved. He found such joy in travelling with his athletes and ensuring that they experienced the competition of sport while having fun and enjoying connection with the other athletes.

Keith created lifelong relationships with his athletes and their families.  Through his leadership and friendship he helped players realize their values and true capabilities.  He gave so generously and loved unconditionally.  He was an inspirational coach loved and cherished by all and never forgotten.

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