We recently received this information from Badminton Canada and would like to share it with all the coaches in BC.

NCCP Maintenance of Certification – Cycle Jan 2017 – Jan 2022

This is a reminder to all coaches that have a current NCCP Maintenance of Certification cycle ending January 2022, that they must complete the necessary Professional Development (PD) Points requirement to maintain their certification by December 31, 2021. All coaches must keep their certification current in order to receive their National Coaching License. Coaches have had the past five (5) years to earn PD Points to maintain their certification.

•             Competition-Introduction - Badminton Regional Coach - 20 Points
•             Competition-Introduction - Badminton Provincial Coach - 20 Points
•             Badminton Competition-Development - 30 Points

There are a number of ways coaches can earn PD Points:

•             Any NCCP workshop/module (2-5 points each)
•             Non-NCCP (Multi-Sport) (1-3 points each)
•             Non-NCCP (Sport Specific) (1-3 points each)
•             Self-Directed (for example, First Aid Training, Officials training, etc.) 
•             Active (1 point/year for active coaching/active Coach Developer)

Some coaches may see that they have earned PD Points, but they have not been tabulated (for example, 0/20). These coaches need to complete the Make Ethical Decisions Online Evaluation.

Should coaches not earn enough PD Points by December 31, 2021, their status in the CAC Locker on January 1, 2022 will read "Certified - Not Renewed" for any context missing points. Once they earn the missing PD Points their status will then revert to ‘Certified’.


Janice Dawson, ChPC / EPA

Sport Programs Officer / Agent des programmes sportifs

Badminton Canada

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