Shuttle Time After Schools Program

Shuttle Time After Schools Program


Badminton BC is looking for schools and community groups who are interested in developing an after-school or weekend badminton program in their area.  The after school program is delivered by NCCP Shuttle Time certified instructors for approximately 7-8 week using the Shuttle Time curriculum in a venue provided by school/group.  

For inquiry in developing an after schools or weekend badminton program or booking one in your school, please contact 


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The Badminton BC After Schools program is a grassroots program that uses the Shuttle Time curriculum.  Shuttle Time was designed by the Badminton World Federation and adapted by Badminton Canada to introduce the fundamental skills of badminton to beginners and recreational level juniors in a fun way.  The program will be taught by an NCCP certified coach in a safe learning environment for children ages 8-12 and they will be grouped up based on their level of physical literacy. Skills that participants will be introduced to could include:  basic grip, net shots, lifts, clears, and drops. For those programs less than 8 weeks, the skills taught will be adjusted accordingly. Modified games will be used to ensure that everyone has a chance to participate.  Rackets and shuttles will be provided.