BC Masters Series

2019-2020 BC Masters Series






BC Masters Series Events are provincial ranking events completed and managed by the Masters Committee


2018-2010 BC Masters Circuit Ranking Points as of April 2, 2019

How are the rankings and seedings calculated?

Provincial & National Chamionship Eligibility Criteria & Exemption Policy

There are no eligibility requirements for Masters players to compete in series competitions, aside from Badminton BC/Badminton Canada membership and license.  


1) All participants of Badminton BC Masters Series events must be current members in good standing with Badminton BC/Badminton Canada before entering a tournament.

2) At the time of event registration, participants must have purchased or renewed:

  • Badminton BC Competitive membership, and a 
  • Badminton Canada Provincial or National players license
  • Membership must be purchased prior to entering any Circuit Tournament or Provincial Championship

3) If any outstanding fees (both registration and membership) become due and payable to the EVENT following the registration deadline participation can be denied.