NCCP Shuttle Time (Teachers & Recreation Centre Coaches Certification)



NCCP Shuttle Time



NCCP Shuttle Time is the new teacher and recreation instructor or coach certification developed by Badminton World Federation and adapted by Badminton Canada and Badminton BC.  

Shuttle Time workshops one-day 6-7 hour workshops. No experience or knowledge of badminton is necessary.

Coaches attending a Shuttle Time Workshop will learn about:

  • group and classroom management
  • how to teach basic badminton skills
  • skill progression
  • introduction to the drills used in Shuttle Time

 Coaches will receive:

  • 22 lesson plans
  • Teachers manual explaining technical skills, drills, and management tips
  • 90+ video clips to act as visual aid and to demonstrate the drills
  • Training from an NCCP Shuttle Time Learning Facilitator

Certification Process

  1. Attend workshop and get training
  2. Take the online Making Ethical Decisions (Instructional) module and pass the test
  3. Email and request for an evaluation
  4. Pass evaluation

Badminton BC would like to offer training at Professional Development Days for teachers and to high school badminton team coaches.  For more information or if you would like to host a Shuttle Time workshop please contact