All nominees must have been members in good standing for the award season.

OFFICIAL OF THE YEAR demonstrates:

1. a strong performance and commitment to the sport of Badminton through active participation, involvement and personal development

2. consistent and fair rule application during games and from match to match

3. a professional attitude when dealing with players, tournament organizers, spectators and fellow officials 

4. appropriate manners that best represents all officials both on and off the court

The names below are based on:  level of contribution, longevity of service, impact on the sport, demonstration of excellence, attitude, and peer feedback as either a Referee or Umpire.


For 2017-2018:

As per the Awards and Recognition Committee Terms of Reference the Officials Committee collaborates on the selection of each of the two awards above.  As requested by members following the 2015-2016 Best of BC Awards, members wanted the opportunity to nominate coaches themselves.

At the time of selection:

1. Following consultation with the Officials Committee they unanimously volted to have the members of Badminton BC vote on Official of the Year

2. Determining the candidates was completed following a review of the amount of participation of our Referees and Umpires this past season both for circuit and provincial championships.  Seven were identified.

An online voting platform was created and emailed out to all of our General e-newsletter subscribers approximately 1,670 as well as on our Social Media links and our website. 

Following the vote, results were tallied.  In the event there was a tie the Awards Chair collaborated with Performance Lead to determine the deciding winner based on the criteria above.

Awards Chair submitts recommendations for finalists and winners.  Recommendations provided to Executive Director for approval by the Board of Directors.