BC Winter Games


Badminton BC is calling for coaches who are interested in coaching and leading a zone team for the 2020 Fort St John BC Winter Games from February 19-23rd, 2020.

The BC Winter Games is held once every two years and is British Columbia’s celebration of sport and community.   The purpose of the BC Games is “To provide an opportunity for the development of athletes, coaches, and officials in preparation for higher levels of competition in a multi-sport event which promotes interest and participation in sport and sporting activities, individual achievement and community development.” 

The BC Games bring together British Columbia’s next generation athletes, trained coaches, and certified officials for three days of competition.  This experience is an important development opportunity and stepping stone towards higher level sport competitions and teams, including junior national team, junior national championships, Western Canadian Team Championships, and Canada Winter Games.  


There will be 2 coaches for each zone with one of each gender; a Head coach and an assistant coach/adult supervisor. The two coaches will be needed for each of the following zones:

 What Zone Am I In? – Interactive Zone Map - https://www.bcgames.org/Games/Zones.aspx

Coaches & adult supervisors must reside in the zones they represent.  If there are no assistant coaches available, an adult of the opposite sex of the coach can apply and take on the adult supervisor role as long as they have completed the Make Ethical Decisions module by January 15, 2020, which can be completed online. 

Coaches will be working with athletes that are in the U15 age group with athletes born in 2005, 2006 and 2007.


Head Coach:  NCCP Competition Introduction – Regional Coach Certified (with current Badminton BC Coaches Associate membership) will need to complete and submit a current criminal record check 

Assistant Coach: NCCP Make Ethical Decision Module and NCCP Shuttle Time Trained (with current Badminton BC Coaches Associate membership) will need to complete and submit a current criminal record check 

Adult Supervisor: complete the Make Ethical Decisions module by January 15, 2020: (with current Badminton BC Recreational membership) will need to complete and submit a current criminal record check 

*Note* If you do not meet the certification at this moment, but would like to take on one of the coaches roles, contact Badminton BC at info@badmintonbc.com.  Badminton BC wants to work with and help all coaches reach the certification requirements. 

Please review the Coaches Responsibilities below.  We would like to get coaches in place by October 31st, 2019.  If you have any questions or comments, please do not hesitate to contact the provided email.


Coaches play a critical role in the success of their athletes. The Zone Head Coach and Assistant Coach will work with athletes to prepare the Zone team in achieving the best possible performance at the BC Winter Games. Badminton BC also views both coaching position as a key step for coaches interested in accessing higher levels of coach development. 


Prior to the Games
•    Run or attend the zone trial (with the support of Badminton BC and possibly your local community or club) and clearly communicate selection criteria to all eligible zone athletes in the selection process (this will vary from zone to zone). The trials should be completed by November 4th, 2019
•    Identifying 10 athletes of 5 boys and 5 girls to represent their zone at the BC Winter Games and identifying an additional 1 boy and 1 girl to be the spares.
•    Conducting training camps or sessions as determined feasible by the coaching staff and budget restrictions
•    Work with Badminton BC to ensure all timelines are met in preparation for the games
•    Travel with the team on Games transportation

At the Games
•    Stay with the team in a supervisory capacity in Games accommodation
•    Coach and manage the team throughout the duration of the Games 
•    Attend any coaches meeting or events as required 

•    This is a volunteer position, however all expenses related to transportation, meals and accommodation to the Games are covered in your coaching role.

1.    Complete this application form and email a Criminal Record Check* to technicalprograms@badmintonbc.com 
2.    Check to see that you have the appropriate Badminton BC membership as outlined above.  If not, please purchase/renew your membership

•    Badminton Canada has a portal through Sterling BACKCHECK as an alternative process (https://pages.sterlingbackcheck.ca/landing-pages/b/badminton-canada/)

For more information or clarification email technicalprograms@badmintonbc.com OR call 604.385.3595.