Getting Started as a Coach

I want to be a badminton coach in BC – what do I do?


Step 1:  Basic Setup

  • Get a Badminton BC Coach Membership <LINK>
  • Get a CAC Locker Account ( <LINK>
    • Coaches Association of Canada (CAC)
    • The Locker is the CAC online database of every coach that has gone through the National Coaches Certification Program (NCCP).  Organizations use the Locker to confirm coaching certification and coaches use it as a record of their certification and to access online courses.
  • Decide on Competitive or Non-Competitive Coaching stream (this determines the course pathway you will need; Non-Competitive will complete the ShuttleTime Coach pathway)
    • Visit the NCCP Website for Details on the Program & prescribed Pathways


Step 2:  Obtain NCCP Certification for your desired Pathway

  • ShuttleTime (Recreational Pathway)
  • Competition Introduction – Regional
  • Competition Introduction – Provincial
  • Competition Development

Your completed courses will show on your profile  in The Locker.



Step 3:  Submit the following documentation to BBC ( to be placed in your Coach Portfolio Folder: 

  • Headshot Photo (one-time submission for your badge)
  • Criminal Record Check  <LINK> (less than 3 years old)
  • Code of Conduct Signoff <LINK> (one-time submission)