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SUBMIT YOUR REQUEST | 2019-2020 Badminton BC Competition Calendar Planning


This is to communicate with you the work of the Competitions Committee in preparation for next years’ competitions program, delivery and schedule.


In preparation for this commitment a number of activities are underway and changes, modifications, improvements and updates are taking place, like:


·         a consultative process with coaches and clubs throughout BC in regards to the delivery of our competitions including types and formats, hosting guidelines, sanctioning fees, ranking, eligibility et al.

·         the development of a comprehensive Competitions Policy to house all points above

·         the development of an Officials Policy

·         improvement to the website


The Competitions Committee will be contacting you shortly, if not already, with new information, procedures and consultation aimed at delivering gold medal standard events for members to participate in.  We value all of our members and affiliated and potential affiliated clubs input, feedback and look forward to new and innovative ideas sent our way.


While this is being prepared and provided for our members and clubs, the building of the 2019-2020 Competitions Calendar is simultaneously underway.

It goes without saying that there are many variables to consider in planning events and often these are not always known in advance.  We have done our best, in the provided this document (2019-2020 Competitions Calendar Planning), some of the variables to consider when determining your competition dates for the 2019 - 2020.


We have done our best to provide you with the:

·         national and BC provincial holidays

·         BC school  breaks, exams & study weeks

·         BCAN schedule of national and international  events

·         other competing events

·         scheduling of domestic multisport games in which badminton participates


Some of the variables to consider are also:

·         availability of venue, officials & volunteers

·         unknown school breaks, pro-d days, exams  

·         good competition planning principles that includes natural periods of rest and recovery and aspects of planning and periodization to support for peak performances or BC players at national and international events


The purpose of this email is to provide you with a means to SUBMIT your requested competition dates and type of competition to Badminton BC through an ONLINE link.




Please DO NOT JUST REPLY to this email. There is some very important information in the online competition date submission we are sharing with you about the 2019-2020 season.


The following steps will then take place after the submission deadline of May 24th:


·         the requests will all be compiled

·         in the event a date or type of competition are in conflict with each other Badminton BC will be in contact

·         June 1st. 2019 a draft scheduled will be published

·         a final consultative process , if needed, and MOU agreements signed between June 1st – June 30th

·         a final schedule published July 1st, 2019 *Note* if there are no changes and MOU’s are signed off the schedule will be published earlier


Reminder that clubs that host a sanctioned competition (ranking or non-ranking) are required to hold an affiliated Club Membership with Badminton BC. For those clubs who have already affiliated in the past, a renewal notice will be sent to you within the next week.  For those clubs who have not yet affiliated with Badminton BC please apply here.



The work of the Competitions Committee is guided by staff Lisa Davison, Competitions Administrator as well as:

Raymond Wong (Chair)

Toby Ng

Thushan DeSilva

Donn Aven


If you would like to contact the Competitions Committee you can email them at


Thank you for your attention and for your engagement on this request. Badminton BC looks forward to delivering next year’s draft schedule to you on June 1st.    
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