Certification Process


  1. Take the appropriate Officials Workshop and pass the written exam
  2. Track your matches with the logbook or Record Keeping Sheet
  3. Request and get evaluated at tournaments
  4. Submit your logbook and evaluation results to Badminton BC


1. Take the appropriate Officials Workshop and pass te written exam

For each level of officiating, there is a workshop which you have to take as part of your training.  In the workshop, you will be required to take a written exam and pass it.  The passed exams will be kept by the course conductor and submitted to Badminton BC for records keeping. 

2. Track Your Matches through the Logbook

When you are done officiating your match, record it into your log book.  Once you have completed all your matches for the day get the tournament referee to sign off to confirm that you have done those matches. For those of you who do not have a logbook, please print off the "Record Keeping Sheet" (thank you Carlos Costa) and use that for your records.  The referee must sign off for all your matches on this sheet. 

Record Keeping Sheet

3. Request and Get Evaluated at Tournaments

To become certified, you must pass a certain number of evaluations to ensure your competency as an official.  The total number of evaluations required are as follows:

                                          Local Official: 1 evaluation at a sanctioned tournament
                                     Regional Official: 2 evaluations at 2 sanctioned tournaments
                                    Provincial Official: 3 evaluations at 3 provincial circuit tournaments 

*you can only receive 1 evaluation per tournament*

After your evaluation, you will be debriefed by your evaluator and given your evaluation sheet.  Please submit the sheets you "pass" along with your records.

To request an evaluation, please email Alvin (technicalprograms@badmintonbc.com) 2 weeks prior to the tournament.  Requests for evaluation on the day of tournaments will not be accepted.  


4. Submit your logbook and evaluation result(s) to Badminton BC

Once you have completed your evaluation(s) and have officiated the required number of matches for your level of certification, submit everything to Badminton BC.  You can either mail it to Badminton BC or send in a soft copy by email (preferred).  When we have received your package and confirmed the information, Badminton BC will send you a confirmation email and send you a recognition certificate.


If you have any questions or comments in regards to the certification process please contact Technical Programs at technicalprograms@badmintonbc.com or call 604-385-3595.