All nominees must have been members in good standing for the award season.

VOLUNTEER OF THE YEAR demonstrates or shown:

1. exemplary service to their badminton club, team or zone or region
2. a positive impact through their volunteer status to the sport of badminton locally, provincially or nationally 
3. that their contribution serves as a model to inspire others to contribute volunteer time to help improve the sport of badminton 
4. they have contributed or are still contributing to the development of the sport of Badminton by giving their time to a number of organizations, groups or committees
5. they have gone above and beyond the call of duty and have provided exemplary service as volunteers


For 2017-2018:

With the Awards and Recognition Committee only resurrected in the last 6 months, the committee has relied on the input from tournament hosts and community clubs around the province.  As requested following the 2015-2016 Best of BC Awards, members and clubs wanted the opportunity to nominate an indivdual.  

An online nomination form was created and emailed out to all of our General e-newsletter subscribers approximately 1,670 as well as on our Social Media links and our website. The Chair of the committee also collaborated with some key individuals to uncover any volunteers we may have missed.

The Awards Chair submits recommendations for finalists and winners.  Recommendations are provided to Executive Director for approval by the Board of Directors.