The Awards and Recognition Committee is grateful to Frank Price, Masters Committee who took on task of determining Masters Athletes of the Year.  Below is the criteria used to determine the recipients for the 2017-2018 season expanding on what was created and implemented in 2015-2016.  This is a huge task and done over the course of a few days and up for discussion or review for the upcoming years.

The Awards Chair submits the recommendations for finalists and winners.  Recommendations provided to Executive Director for approval by the Board of Directors.



  1. Awards will be presented for both Male and Female Top Master Athlete of the Year in age categories (30-39, 40-44, 45-49, 50-54, 55-59, 60-64, 65-69, 70-74 and 75-79)
  2. Each athlete will be eligible to win the award in their own age group only.  IE: a player between the ages of 60 and 64 will only be eligible for that age category.
  3. All BBC Sanctioned tournaments on the Masters Circuit held during the playing season (September to April normally) will be included (normally 5 or 6 tournaments). 
  4. A player’s age category is determined by their age at the end of the playing season (last Circuit Tournament).
  5. A player must play in a minimum of two of the sanctioned tournaments and must achieve a minimum of 200 raw points.
  6. If a player changes age groups within the year, their results in the lower age categories will be assessed as described below.
  7. At the conclusion of each playing year, the strength of the Circuit Tournaments will be assessed and the multiplier will be determined for each tournament.
  8. For 2018, the multipliers will be 1.0 for Event 3 and 5 (Brentwood and Ogopogo) and 1.5 for Event 1 and 2 (VRC, VLTBC).  In a normal playing season, the Provincial Masters event will be 2.0.  This year due to hasty organization and very low enrollment, the multiplier for the Provincial Masters will be 1.25.
  9. Each player’s “score” will be calculated from all the tournament results supplied by BBC in the BC Masters Circuit Rankings.  Players receive 25 points for reaching the quarter finals (having one a previous match to reach the quarters), 40 points for reaching the semi-finals, 70 points as runner up and 100 points as winner of an event. 
  10. Player’s points in their actual age category for singles, doubles and mixed doubles will be totalled and multiplied by 1.0.  Results in lower age categories will be separately totalled and multiplied by an additional .2 factor for each age category lower than the player’s actual age category.  Example:  a player is 63 years of age as of April 2018.  Their point total in 60-64 is 715 points.  Their point total in 55-59 is 235.  Their point total in 50-54 is 137.5.  The calculation is 550 + (1.2 x 235) + (1.4 x 137.5) = 1249.5 points.
  11. This system awards players for participation in the BC Masters Circuit as the more tournaments an individual plays, the more points they receive.  Players are also rewarded for achieving results in lower age categories which generally have more competitive play.  The relative strength of tournaments is reflected in the multiplier factor.
  12. A player can only be recognized as the Top Master Athlete in their own age category and so can only win once.