All nominees must have been members in good standing for the award season.

COACHES OF THE YEAR nominees should:

1. Show respect for officials, athletes, parents, colleagues and embrace a philosophy of fair play
2. Demonstrate concern for all-around development of the sport
3. Apply relevant training theory and coaching practices
4. Demonstrate a proven capacity to improve the team's or athlete's performance

Four areas should be considered before nominating a coach:

1. Contribution to Sport - the nominee has contributed to the organization and development of sport
2. Coaching Effectiveness - the athletes which the nominee coaches have shown steady improvement
3. Personal Development and Achievement - nominee's commitment to further learning, including NCCP certification, professional development, mentorship, etc. As well as other awards or recognition the nominee has received for their efforts in coaching
4. Leadership - the coach should be known has a positive role model for the athletes and should provide stable consistent leadership qualities

1. Grassroots Coach
2. Competitive Coach

One application per nominee.

If it is deemed that no candidate meets the selection criteria in a particular category, the selection committee may choose not to grant the award in that particular year.


For 2017-2018 Finalists

As per the Awards and Recognition Committee Terms of Reference the Coaches Committee collaborates on the selection of each of the two awards above.  As requested by members following the 2015-2016 Best of BC Awards, members wanted the opportunity to nominate coaches themselves.

At the time of selection:

1. Coaches Committee was not active to collaborate with.

2. An online nomination form was created and emailed out to all of our General e-newsletter subscribers approximately 1,670 as well as on our Social Media links and our website. The Chair of the committee also collaborated with some key individuals to uncover any coaches we may have missed.

In the absence of a formal Coaches Committee collaboration between Badminton BC's Awards Chair and Performance Lead submit their recommendations for finalists and winners.  Recommendations provided to Executive Director for approval by the Board of Directors.